Konrad Dziennik

Twenty years of experience in media industry. Over 10 years with multiple success in internet sector for the biggest firms and corporations. All of it let him gained unique professional experience.

After completion work in corporation, since 3 years he lead and develop his own company focused on consulting and development of well known firms in Polish industry (mainly e-commerce).

Currently one of his projects is to work and counsel for the biggest Polish company operating in online trading of diet supplements for sportsmen’s and physically fit people. 

He effectively counsel for Polish companies from e-commerce branch, lead them how to develop business and achieve a success, he search for interesting start-ups and then try to find investors for them from Poland and abroad. 

Perfectly organized, able to create in short period of time team of talented people manage to deliver any project on time.

Honest-not doing jobs for people who not willing to appreciated work well done, he’s always keep his world and deliver business projects.